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governor brown talks about legalizing pot in californi why he says he's not so sure it's a how many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation? >> governor brown talks about legalizing pot in california. he is not so sure it is a good
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idea. good evening. >> kpix5 don knapp is in the news room with more on what he had to say. >> reporter: the question was, do we upon want stoners driving down the great state of california? that is the message of jerry brown as he gives a thumb's down, at least for now, for legalizing recreational marijuana. it is already legal for medicinal use but governor brown shared his doubts about legalizing pot for fun. >> reporter: a year after colorado and washington said yes to recreational pot more than half of the state, according to the "new york "new york times" says they are considering it. >> i would like the two states to show us how it works. >> showing us how hickenlooper warned people. the institute of health says one out of six kids that try
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marijuana will be addicted to it. as reported in the christian science, hickenlooper is asking for $45 million for youth use prevention and $40 million for substance abuse treatment. cost that could be covered by revenue generated by marijuana sells, they expect to collect $141 million from marijuana sales. >> advertising, how many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation? the world is pretty dangerous and competitive. i think we need to stay alert 24 hours a day. >> classic jerry brown. "new york times" wrote last week showing 51% americans believe marijuana should be legal. live in the news room, back to you. all right, a messy day throughout the bay area today. some showers kept the streets wet. it never cheered up. peaking through from time to
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time. a chance of showers going to be around for awhile longer. showing that we have gone to widely scattered rain at this hour. >> out on the central valley there were few showers. more in the way of just a little moisture, going all of the way down for the evening commute tomorrow. we will cover what to expect for the forecast in 10 minutes. you have to see this, a wild wave stunned people eating at a popular restaurant in santa barbara. a wave came crashing down on moby dick restaurant. the windows broke. witnesses say people screamed as the wave of water poured in. luckily, no injuries. then, check this out. storm surgings, tossing it around like a toy in santa barbara county. waves ripped through the pier and tore up the cafe slightly
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injuring 2 workers. >> one of them was head down in the walkway. he went through the door to the patio that had just been wished out by it. and, then, our manager, simon, was washed out with the wave and then went under the pier and was stuck under the pier. >> both workers made it through okay. no estimate on the damage. after several days of powerful rain and mudslides, mandatory evacuations have been lifted. craig mills shows us the cleanup efforts in one home that got hit hard. >> rained for 20 minutes yesterday and the whole thing came down. and then, all of it ended up out here. >> this fence and tons of it staying to the lower level of ed's backyard. >> reporter: stphaoá we knew there was a chance of losing the house. >> sand bags kept most of the mud and the water out of his house. but, city engineers told him he
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has bigger problems. >> there is so much mud. we got to get it. >> work crews and some volunteers are getting the mud from the backyard. >> the mayor, they are here pitching in. >> the head of department works is here getting the mud out. >> reporter: they say that basket is 10 feet. the mud was halfway up and to the left he says the mud builds to 10 feet. had his house is yellow tagged. you can not live here now but this is hope. evacuation orders were lifted. >> i pray every night. >> her neighbor was relieved to find minimal damage. she just needs to do a little cleaning up but next door has to tackle this. very optimistic, they predict, it will not take long to undo what that huge rainstorm did. >> i think it will be a six month progress for a lot of people. our nature is to get it done in three weeks.
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>> he really means it. he is not bragging, though, 1 l.a. county official says that landslides are possible later this week when all of this mud dries out in 3-4 days in the mountain behind us. >> by the way, evacuation remains in effect for some neighborhoods that is still threatened by mudslides. now, the police are ramping up their efforts for a 93-year- old man. robert davis was last seen driving away from a restaurant, he was heading towards northbound 101. the mess and volunteers put up flyers at businesses around the area. he is 5 '7, 139 pounds, gray hair and gray eyes. >> there are concerns about short term memory loss or could have been confused with the weather. it was raining on wednesday night and raining off and on throughout the week. so, it could be that he is just lost and confused. he is looking to find his way home. >> the police say davis has
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some medical conditions and takes medcasions but is overall in good health. he was driving a gray 2001 camry,. still ahead, changes could be coming to the legal drinking age in california. all for a specific group. a house gutted out after a fire and it is not the first time.
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early this morning. this boarded-up home on altt road caught fire around 5. u can see, the garage was left with a gaping hole the police are investigating a home this morning. the boarded up home caught fire at 5:00. with you see the garage was left with a hole and the side of the house was charred. firefighter fell through the roof at one point. he was not hurtful the same house caught fire in november from a marijuana growing operation. drinking laws could get loser in cal cal but only for a specific group. student who's make it their specialty. >> we have more on the new bill that would allow students to sample their classwork. nestled among rolling vineyards, a meca for college education, it attracts students
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here from all over the world to study the science and cultivation of grapes. but when it comes to sampling the wine not every student feels so welcomed. >> i really wanted to see what it was like to taste the wine in class. >> it was definitely like the black sheep there. >> reporter: they were not legal age so they could not sample the wines in class. >> i could not have my own glass, could not have the wine poured for me. >> reporter: a pill proposed in sacramento could allow students under 21 years old to taste it. assembly bill would allow a qualified student to taste an exactlyic beverage and exempt the student and the academic institution. >> i am in full support. >> teaching the wine courses at napa valley college. he says lowering the sampling
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age brings it to more students right out of high school. jump-starting their career, tasting in an acdemmic setting. >> no other way to do it about but on a community college campus. >> they say a lowering sampling age would allow them to have a higher understanding of wine. >> it would make me pay more attention in class. because i am part of the class for the tastings. >> and the bill is dubbed sip and spit. students can not swallow the wine, it is for schools that have established programs. the academy awards are tpheld los angeles. sanfrancisco is watching and donate -- -- are in los angeles. sanfrancisco is watching and donating. the forecast is coming up ♪
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people held up umbrellas.. d some even vacuumed up the w a soggy start to tonight's oscar awards. people held upum up -- umbrellas. it is under way right now. leto won for "dallas buyers club" and "frozen" won best animated film. this year's theme "return to the emerald city" all ticket sales benefit hiv and aids services in the bay area. >> over the 34 years we have been doing this we have given out $8.5 million and impacted
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70 different agencies who have taken turns of being the beneficiaries we have a lot of wonderful groups around the bay area. >> guests enjoyed food from finest restaurants and caterers a chance to cast bids in a silent auction. the oscars are on tonight, i have not heard? >> yes. that is what i heard. >> yes? we don't know. we have a look at the hi- def doppler to see if anything came through. it has not. we have dry conditions over northern california. we sweep the pacific it will change in 24 hours. we expect to see echoes heading into the bay area. another system ready to move in. here on moisture going back to the hawaiian islands. it is this that will begin to move our way by tomorrow and cloud up the skies in the
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afternoon and bring another chance of rain in the bay area. this time, more in the north than the south. right now, 47 degrees. we in the 50s right now, tonight they are out of the southeast direction and looking for fog to be forming in and around the bay area with all of the moisture out there. winds light, 7 mileacen hour at pleasanton. now, tonight, low to middle 50s, mild night around the bay area. this was not -- this is just, you know, warm air over the bay area, just persists, so, by tomorrow morning, heading to work. we will look for cloudy skies, the temperatures in the low 50s. in the afternoon, showers moving back into the bay area. it will be from the low 60s around the coast to the middle 60s inland. the jet stream splitting before
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the coast urbering in all of it this moisture. going to the midsection yesterday. remains open. you will notice the flow off of the pacific going west. nothing in the way. high pressure, weak. building in later in the week. in the meantime, here is what things should look like tomorrow. overspreading the bay area as everything is heading home at 6:00 and then we get another dose of showers going in 8:00 tomorrow night. it looks wet for tomorrow afternoon in the bay area. for this season, you know, it has been wet in february. but, really, with all of the rain, february ended up being an average month. if we look at percentage of average we increased over 10% from where we were last month. on the other hand not making that big of a difference in the drought. we will get more tomorrow. a chance for a rogue shower or
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two tonight. showers in the midday, north bay, and then more rain coming in later on wednesday. if you are heading out of sfo it should not be too much of a problem with mostly cloudy mornings. tonight in the 50s. and 27. wow. overnight lows, in the bay area, we will see 53 in the city. 52 at livermore and 52 out at travis air force base. for tomorrow, increasing 10 degrees from there. 64, into tomorrow, 62, 64 in oakland. in the midday and afternoon hours, tuesday, a break. late wednesday, more rain comes in. early thursday looks wet. but then we turn it all around. friday, saturday, sunday. looks mostly sunny the bay area. the temperature, it recovers into the low 70s.
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boy, that is hot for this time of the year. speaking of hot. ... no. [ laughter ] >> yes. gulf star, yes, and dennis. >> yes. the lpgs need s it. back on our game and, prepresent here in san francisco. looking for an amazing day. why did tiger woods walk off of the field? a surprising reason why a warrior's player missed a day in canada. that is next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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warriors north of the borde we have been talking about why a warriors player missed a game. an odd reason, an excuse. >> yes. we both travel north of the border and sometimes it is tough, wrestled to the ground. >> really, canada was tough. yes. >> well, yes, they knew you. >> yes. a problem, always. yes. now, the warriors played without o'neil, he is one of the key players, he did not make the trip because of problems with his passport, no, really, that is what happened. the wariors, outdoors, by 8 in the 3rd quarter. now, they led by 5 going into the 4th going on 11-0 run. patrickson nails it down. back 3 for curry. does not fall. clay thompson, giving the warriors the lead. he can not hit it, either, and the warriors get it in the final frame. they could not take care of the
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basketball. 3 straight possessions. 3 straight times and they did not get a shot. under a minute to go it will be tough for them. [dropped audio ] >> now, joe give and go. he finishes, he has 3 goals in 2 games, welcome back. game tied at 2. now, is he going to take the job? now, 21 saves for the sharks back up. midway through the third. they are up again. now, he gets it. the sharks, 3-2 lead. and for marlo. now, post olympic trip, going on the record, it will be a nice flight back to san jose. they win it. tiger woods, rough start in
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2014 continues. he withdraw because of back pain. it also did not help he was 5 over the day. rory, shot in the bunker, then, out of the bunker into the water. he would fall out of the lead. but, he had a chance for eagle on 18. this for the win. oh, get me a 4-way play off. did not last long. russell, birdies the first play off hole to win the tournament and he earns a spot in the master's next month. lpga in singapore. on the second playoff hole, forget getting in close. he gets the putt for eagle.
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[dropped audio ] >> and then hold it. going in the air. boogity, boogity, boogity, let's go racing, boy. >> now, in phoenix, kevin harvick's toughest task was holding off in 10 lapses to go. he led in 224 of the 312 lapses. he wins the second straight at phoenix international raceway. hudson making his debut. he retired in order of the 1st. thanks with help from his friend. he makes the sliding catch. you may recall he suffered a broken aeufrpbgel while covers 1st base. it was nice to see him get down and out of the way. -- broken ankle while covering 1st base. it was nice to see him get down and out of the way.
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now, tim lowery come in to score. now, they win it 3-2. meanwhile, the right fielder, josh ridick is oakland fan favorite. things have not always come easy for him. his dad was burned he lost his left hand and had injuries. >> when they realized i was being electrocuted i was dead and they rotated me and got me down and did cpr on. >> vern glen checks in from phoenix with more and joining us if in studio. the latest on the 49ers situation. but, back to his father, an electrical worker. he thought one of his coworkers turned the transformer off. but it had not been turned off. 7,000 volts of electricity went
6:57 pm
through his body and he had to have his left hand amputated and his right 3 fingers damaged. >> oh my god. >> he honored how to play catch with his kids and he was instrumental in the development was josh to be a big league ballplayer. >> yes, and a fan favorite. yes. hillbilly jesus. >> yes. that will do it for us, "60 minutes" is next ,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> kroft: tonight on "60 minutes presents," three stories about crime and punishment. that's the apartment? >> that corner on the third floor. >> kroft: the apartment belonged to boston mobster and longtime fugitive "whitey" bulger, then the most wanted man in america. bulger eluded the fbi for 14 years by hiding in plain site in santa monica, california. tonight, you'll hear from the agents who finally caught him, with some help from an alley cat and his girlfriend's breast implants. >> we just rushed him. >> kroft: you mean guns out? "fbi, don't move!" >> i asked him to identify himself and that didn't go over well. he asked me to "f"-ing identify myself. and i asked him, i said, "are you whitey bulger?" he said, "yes." >> zeig heil! zeig heil! >> stahl: if they sound like nazis, it's because they are... >> zeig heil! zeig heil! zeig heil!

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